Coffee Bean Sales, a list of all coffee you can try and buy from all around the globe.

Coffee trees require a very specific climate to grow and thrive.

Coffee trees grow in the ‘bean belt’ which is a horizontal strip across the globe roughly between the Tropic of Cancer and the Tropic of Capricorn or the latitudes of 25° north to about 30° south.  Latitude is an angle which ranges from 0° at the Equator to 90° north or south at the poles.  The Tropic of Cancer is the northern most place on the planet that the sun can be directly overhead and the Topic of Capricorn is the southern most place on the planet where the sun can be directly overhead, by definition it’s hot in the tropics!

Unless you live in the tropics your beans have had to travel to get to you.  Arabica bean also require high altitudes and rich soil and the heartier Robusta bean prefers a higher temperature and can thrive on lower ground.

Almost all coffee comes from one of the countries located in the Bean Belt. These include:

9. Brazil*

34. India*
35. Vietnam*
2. Mexico*

1. Hawaii (US)

30. Uganda*

28. Ethiopia*
22. Cote D’ivoire*
16. Colombia*
10. Guatemala*

37. Indonesia*
3. Cuba
4. Haiti
5. Dominican Republic
6. Puerto Rico (US)
7. Jamaica
8. Venezuela
11. Honduras
12. El Salvador
13. Nicaragua
14. Costa Rica
15. Panama
17. Ecuador

18. Peru
19. Bolivia
20. Sudan
21. Cameroon
23. Sao Tome e Principe
24. Angola
25. Zimbabwe
26. South Africa
27. Yemen
29. Kenya
31. Burundi
32. Tanzania
33. Madagascar
36. Philippines
38. Papua New Guinea